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Deoxidize Your Headlights!

The Truth: Your car’s headlights can use a little TLC

It’s been quite some time since I got my headlights cleaned…they were starting to looking unbearably unsightly.
I was debating going to the store and getting them cleaned up for $50+ and having ephemeral effects and decided to do it myself.
My first option was to go out and purchase a kit which would include a sander and what not — something that sounded like a lot of work.

Then, I ran a little search & discovered a great solution! Although I do not know how long the clearness will last, it was worth it because it was free, quick, and easy! Literally the difference between day and night — check out the results!




As you can see, there’s an amazing difference. Again, I’m not sure how long this will last! Will update on the duration of clarity. I figured it was safer to use this after reading the kits require a sander that leaves fine scratches on your headlights (my cousin also informed me of this matter — he used a kit by Mother’s).

What do you need? Easy. 3 things. Gloves, Colgate Total, Paper Towel/Microfiber Cloth/Sock and a window cleaner (I know I do a lot of eco-friendly posts, but I’m draining out our supply and going green after. So make sure you wear gloves!!)


1. Put on gloves, spray the headlight and clean it off.

2. Apply some toothpaste & using a circular motion (as if you’re waxing the car) work your way over the headlight. It should be completely filled with toothpaste, but don’t over do it. You may want to put something to protect the surface of the car/paint if you are messy. Keep the toothpaste wet by applying more window cleaner.

3. Using the window cleaner, wipe it all off! Easy breezy!

Will keep you posted on how long the results last 🙂