Project One: Complete

Raising $500+ for Big Dawgs Rescue in Livermore, CA!


Big Dawgs Rescue is a nonprofit organization located in Livermore, California. The organization works hard to rescue animals from high kill shelters in California, focusing on canines that are going to be put down within 24-48 hours of being euthanized. Since 2009, Big Dawgs Rescue has saved over 1200 dogs and even a few kittens!

As an undergraduate, I studied pre-veterinary medicine. Although I did not end up being a vet, I still have a love for animals. In March 2012, I began raising funds to support Big Dawgs Rescue. I set a personal goal to collect at least $500 and did not give up until I reached the minimum.

Items Donated:
-5 XL dog beds
-3 huge bags of dog food
-10 XL leashes
-10 XL harnesses
-3 boxes of beef treats
-200 puppy training pads
-Over a dozen towels
-A ton of tennis balls!



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