Meaningful Ways to Spend Money on Others

The last list from Ian K. Smith!

Purchase a dress or pants and a shirt for a toddler and give it to a family that needs it.

Trying to figure out what the 2nd to last item is…

Anonymously donate to a church a holiday gift that will be distributed to the less fortunate.

Purchase lunch for a colleague.

Purchase a toy for a sibling or a child in your community.

Quietly slip $10 (or more if you can afford it) to someone who needs it.

Offer to pay for the groceries of someone who is standing in the checkout line.

Find a charity whose mission you would like to support and donate money.

Purchase several books and donate them to a classroom.

Help pay for the school tuition of someone else’s child.

Send a gift basket and words of encouragement to someone who might be having a difficult time.

My Take:

I may have mentioned before, I prefer giving over receiving! When I compare the satisfaction of getting myself something, over doing something for someone else, it always feels good knowing you’re making someone else happy. I just got a new job, and the first thing I did was get some gifts–for two important people in my life! I didn’t even feel the need to spoil myself after that. I think I got this trait from my mom and grandmother. My grandmother was ALWAYS so giving to EVERYONE! She was the sweetest lady, so welcoming, and full of positive energy. If I ever liked anything, she wouldn’t hesitate a second to offer it to me. And it wasn’t just me–she showed love to everyone! And I’m pretty damn sure that being a selfless person is what made her truly happy (of course, I assume she was at peace with herself first!) I love you biji! πŸ™‚

I really like the idea of a gift basket…so many possibilities! Fruits, spa things, books, candles, anything!

Some other ideas off the top of my head: take someone out to dinner and give them a nice “Just Because” card with flowers, go mini-golfing or to an arcade, go to the movies, plan a picnic, go to an amusement park, check out a museum, or take a mini-road trip. Alright, this is starting to sound like my ideal dates…but really, you can do these things with anyone you care about!

I recently got a nice gift for someone, made lunch, and a few other things…I was soooo excited! But then I was let down a little bit (okay I was pretty sad and got my feelings hurt a lil bit) at the lack of appreciation…but later I realized, it’s the thought that counts…and I made an effort and had a really good time picking it out and putting stuff together! So remember, even if your nice gesture is not appreciated, but the fact that you did it–that’s what counts and makes YOU a good person!

These are all great ideas, but if you don’t have extra $, you can always make a card, prepare a meal, or something for someone else (you can also check out my blog on Anonymous Acts of Kindness for additional ideas).

Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit πŸ™‚


One thought on “Meaningful Ways to Spend Money on Others

  1. Mike Lyles says:

    Extremely good advice. I’m going to do some of these.

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