Anonymous Acts of Kindness

Dr. Ian K. Smith’s list:

Donate a coat to a winter coat drive.

Help prepare meals for a program such as Meals on Wheels.

Plant flowers in a neighborhood that needs some rejuvenation.

Leave a toy in front of the door of a family that has children.

Send a small box of school or art supplies to a school in your neighborhood.

Collect some of your books that are in good condition and drop them off at your local library.

Send a care package to someone overseas in the armed forces.

Purchase several pieces of infant clothing and donate them to a shelter.

Drop off a computer you no longer use at a community center.

Feed someone else’s parking meter that has expired or is almost out of time.

Tape some money to a vending machine with a note that it’s for anyone who is short on change.

Pay the bill for an individual or family dining at the same restaurant.

My Take

I always take more pleasure in giving and receiving (the tangible and intangible!). In fact, studies have revealed that individuals who commit at least 5 acts of kindness (as simple as holding a door open or complimenting someone) a day are happier than those who don’t. Moreover, a specific study discovered that participants who spread the 5 acts of kindness over a week did not feel increased happiness; perhaps this is because one small thing was not enough to affect them while going through the countless motions of the day — it may have been overlooked. I’ve always wanted to do that last one on the list, hopefully one day soon!

These are all great ideas and pretty basic. Feel free to add to the list!

P.S. I was looking up a picture to find for paying someone else’s parking meter…apparently some people have been arrested for doing so?! Crazy world…


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