Meaningful Ways to Spend Time with Others

Here’s Mr. Smith’s list, feel free to add your own:

Volunteer together for a good cause.

Learn together by visiting landmarks, museums, or a cultural dance class.

Participate in a project that builds something such as a house for the less fortunate or a playground for a needy neighborhood.

Explore the natural environment by taking a hike or a nature walk or camping.

Make holidays a time for family and friends to reunite.

Listen to an audio book together.

Combine your creative talents–planning a garden, developing an art project, or putting on a play for the community.

Trace and build your family tree.

Spend a day every month making sandwiches and then driving around and giving them to the homeless.

Invite friends over for movie or TV night where you have dinner and watch a popular TV show or movie.

Start a book club.

My Take:

I feel our society has been lost in the digital and social networking world. One of my biggest pet peeves in the entire universe is when you are spending time with someone and they are ON THEIR PHONE. In fact, I have dropped a friendship over this (after many incidences of course, and the person knew it drives me insane…perhaps it was overlooked…). If you are with someone and need to check your phone, please have the courtesy to let them know and not be constantly on it! If you want to hang out with your phone, do it alone and don’t waste the other person’s time.

TV is another common way people “spend time” together. By no means am I disregarding the value of entertainment that tv provides (…or am I…? I am, tv probably kills more brain cells than alcohol these days. Definitely most disagree w.Mr. Smith’s suggestion to watch a “popular” show or movie…commercialization, come on now…), but why not do something a little more interactive? If you have family over, pull out a board game. This may sound kind of lame, but it can actually be fun! Go outside if it’s nice weather. Cook together. Play a sport–it doesn’t have to be intense, you can play a simple game of catch. The movement will bring in positive flow. The possibilities are endless.


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