Have A Constant Reminder

“Keep Your Goals Where You Can See Them

Your goals should be an ever-present part of your life, offering you direction and encouragement.

Don’t come up with a list of goals, hide them away somewhere, and check back forty years later to see if you reached hem. Create them, use them, follow them, update them, live by them.

Successful people spend at least 15 minutes every day thinking about what they are doing and can do to improve their lives. Sigmund 1999”

My Take:

A few years ago, I got the idea to create a “Vision Board”. I believe this may have been after reading the Secret, not quite sure. Anyhow, I created a vision board by drawing (you can cut out things and words to make it easier) all the things in life I wanted, and basically the life I imagined. I hung this directly in front of my desk, so I was constantly reminded of it every day. It really kept me going and motivated…since I moved from that place and didn’t put it up … I’m starting to think I should create a new one.

Keep in mind, a vision board does not have to be set in stone; it can always be changing. But the general idea should be the same. I did not focus on materialistic things, but more on the things I wanted to do; e.g. travel, have happiness, a comfortable-cozy home, etc. Try it out for long-term goals!

Another great tip I’ve picked up is if you have a short-term goal, e.g. lose weight, become more disciplined, or something along those lines, write your goal down on a sticky note. Put it somewhere you will see and read it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed. Your dresser mirror, car dash, where ever. Doesn’t hurt to try!


3 thoughts on “Have A Constant Reminder

  1. Jun E Caniel says:

    Jun E! We really enjoyed reading!

  2. Mike Lyles says:

    Great suggestion. Until I reached one of my major goals I had a small note on my bathroom mirror that reminded me every morning what I was trying to achieve. I heard someone suggest Pinterest the other day for tracking dreams. Sounded awesome

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