Quick Tips to Get & Stay Motivated!

The Truth: Motivation Sometimes Needs to Be Revived! 

Here are some quick & easy tips to stay motivated to reach your goals:

1. Create lists.

This helps some people–if done right. Make sure you prioritize and put the most important tasks first, before enjoying the pleasure of crossing off each task.

2. Write down some motivational quotes, read a new one each morning.

3. Tell people your plans

4. Eat right. When you eat well, you feel good. Stay active, exercise, and take care of your health in general!

Don’t start out the day on the wrong foot by skipping out on breakfast! Also, keep in mind, donuts, bagels/cream cheese, and other such foods provide no nutritional value and simply keep you filled up with the sugar and carbs. Watch what you eat and make changes accordingly. Take a brisk walk around the block on your lunch break. Choose stairs over elevators/escalators.

5. Reward yourself at each milestone when working towards your goals.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, once you reach 5 lbs, maybe reward yourself with some new clothes or treat yourself to a spa treatment.

6. Write your goal on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you look frequently.

In your car, on your dresser/mirror, or in the bathroom. A friendly reminder!

7. Stay positive! Listen to some motivational music when you feel like you’re in a slump

8. Have a goal in mind…For long-term goals, create a vision board.

A vision board is something you can draw or make by collage. Visualize where you want to be in the future, and put these ideas to paper. Place your poster a place you can see everyday, as much as possible. Perhaps on a wall at your desk, or near your door so you know what you’re working toward each time you leave your bedroom.


Start NOW. If not now, start THINKING now…why wait until tomorrow or next week? Start ASAP!!

Solution: Stay Positive & Steer Clear from Negative Energy!

Avoid the Negative Nancies the best you can…they will just bring you down. If it’s good advice, take it, if it’s weighing you down or slowing you, ignore it.

Also!! Organize your surroundings (i.e. clean your room/desk/house) to help keep your thoughts uncluttered as well!


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